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© 2017 The Consortium┬«. All rights reserved. The compliance resources have been prepared for the internal use of financial services professionals and their supervised persons ("rightful purchaser"). The compliance resources may not be downloaded or used in any manner by compliance consultants, attorneys, or others who offer consulting services to financial services professionals. The rightful purchaser acquires only a copy of the products purchased and a license to use those products internally for its financial services regulated supervised persons, and as otherwise may be required by law. The rightful purchaser may not reproduce, distribute, republish or create derivative works from the products except as expressly provided for herein. The Consortium retains sole ownership of the copyright in the products, and all rights related thereto.

If you are interested in using these materials in a manner that exceeds the scope of these terms of use, please contact The Consortium at or (971) 801-1346.


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